Waves of good vibes: A trip to Maui 

It’s been a long time dream of mine to go to Hawaii and last week it finally happened. We finally made it there..not without some drama of course

Sophia kept us busy and worried but now we know what we are dealing with: asthma.  Poor girl just can’t catch a break with the upper respitory infections. But guess what the ocean did for her, clear out all the gunk and put the biggest and happiest smile back on her face 

My heart simply melted…

And for the first time in a long time, I finally saw Z really feel relaxed and soaking it all in and that just made my heart so full and content 

And up there at the 10,023 feet summit, we made plans to come back as our family of four..yup a little baby girl will be joining us this July ❤

Just so happy…

The seafood was pretty spectacular ..only downside was I couldn’t try the poke but Z did capture some pretty good food photos 🙂 

Just what we needed to break away from a long and tiring winter…i just felt bad for all the flight passengers on our red eye flight back north..I coughed/hacked every 5min..they must have labeled me as patient zero of some viral apocalypse..it was rough..oops…but I feel good now…thank you Maui..we will meet again soon


Ocean fan girl 


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