6 more weeks till we meet baby girl

31 weeks pregnant and I really look big, from all angles! I mean some parts of me are still the same size as pre-pregnancy..you know like my ears, my fingers, and my toes. But yeah it feels like I grew everywhere. Here is a recap of the three trimesters so far:

First trimester (week 1-12): So much nausea, so tired, so miserable.

Hahaha I look great


Second trimester (week 13-27):  Still some nausea but some energy back, and fun travels

Belly popped pretty quickly in this pregnancy..and good hair days


Finally ‘glow’ replaced ‘nausea face’


Third trimester (week 28-39+): Nausea mostly gone, nerve pain and aches, prenatal yoga, bike riding, and all the NESTING muhahaha.

Look at my belly at 29 weeks 🙂


Yay for fun travels and birthday treats


All the west coast things: Bike, yoga, and fresh baguettes


Yes I have a label maker and I am not afraid to use it


But really I have done a few things that have helped me so far in the last stretch:

  1. Started prenatal yoga…I could rave about this for hours..I love my yoga instructor and the class..I feel better physically, mentally, emotionally. Thank you Shana and Bhaktishop yoga (and thank you Zahi for pushing me to sign up).
  2. Started biking and walking a lot..that helped curb the weight gain and reduced the aches overall.
  3. Acupuncture: well granted it has only been one session..but I only panicked about the needles for a minute but I was fine
  4. Eating all the veggies and fruits.
  5. Magnesium, calcium, and zinc supplement for crampy legs.
  6. All the water I can possibly drink.
  7. I got the baby room and stuff ready…and really this has been so good for my mental state. I have baby girl’s clothes ready, her change station all set up, her portable crib in our room, car seat purchased, big sister Sophia prepared, my dear mom set to be here few days before delivery. Sigh of relief…I am ready for everything else now.

I just really miss lounging/laying on my tummy and I miss margaritas.

Baby girl, I cannot wait to meet you


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