You know what is love? Attending a preschool dance/gymnastics recital

The past weekend, my parents came to town. It was so amazing to host them in our house, show them our daily life, daily things, friends, neighborhoods, and share a snippet of our life. Well it so happened they came when Sophia and her little friends put on a little dance/gymnastics recital.

If you are not a parent or dear friend of that child, you will likely feel tortured, bored, somewhat entertained by the mess, and just all together confused as to why someone would pay to watch this.

First act: One of the kids managed to tumble backwards…I am talking about the tumbling where you put your head on the mat and let your body roll forward in a ball, letting gravity pull you forward. Another kid rolled forward and knocked the kid in front dominoes.

Second act: Older it was slightly better…till one kid got stage fright and just stood there…turned around and ran into the coach.

Third act: tap dance by a couple of 3-4 year olds…need I say more!

Finally we got to Sophia’s group. My eyes welled up with joyful tears, my heart swelled with fierce pride, and the smile on my face could probably rival the joker in its width. There she was standing in the middle with her big curls and blue tutu, following the dance teacher’s instructions 70% of the time and looking just so darn cute. And I realize I could watch the dance recital 100 times just to see that again. Forget what I said about the kids being a hot mess…they are so darned cute and I wish they had another recital I had to sit through again soon.


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