She won’t let me sit

Colic? High need baby? Feisty temperament?

Whatever it is, she won’t let me sit.

I bounce, I shake, I swing, I sway, and I walk when she is on me.

I rock her little crib. I push her stroller back and forth.

Sometimes each ‘action’ can soothe her for 5 min, and sometimes they can last for an hour or two.

But then in between the fussiness, she smiles, and I can go back to bouncing and shaking and swaying for hours to see the next smile again.


Bouncing around in the K’Tan…that is one tired face (mine)




Family of Four

My oh my it has been a while. Here I am now, mama of two littles. And it only took me almost two months to get my act together and start writing about it. Life is chaotic, fun, and beautiful, and just the way I like it.

This type of moment actually keeps happening..pinch me

Our newest addition Zoe is a fire cracker already. She is certainly keeps us on our toes and humbles us and checks our parenting skills. More of that soon…

Taken in a 5 minute period

My sweet big girl is in love with her baby sister, but also learning to adjust to having our attention shared with a sometimes loud and demanding little diva. In short, the kids will be alright.

Alright I do need that sleep before hunger startles baby girl into a panic (it escalates so quickly!)…zzzz