MVP in baby gear (for Zoe)

Baby girl has been a little more challenging to soothe than our big girl. I totally thought since I have done this mommy thing before, it would be easier second time around. HAH good one Souraya. Anyway at almost 4 months, baby girl and I have got a pretty decent groove with a little help from our friends.

  1. The real MVPs here:

Now lets get real here, I don’t know what I would do without these two the last few months.

Zahi for picking us up as we fell apart daily


Everyone needs to get a Sophia because this kid is just amazing

2. Carry me momma:

Baby girl is a motion junkie and a snuggle fiend so this mama needed a little help carrying Zoe so I could bounce her till she calmed. Baby K’Tan really got us through some tough moments there. We got to have dance parties instead of wailing. In fact it is so nursing friendly I can even do some simple things with both hands while feeding her sometimes.

3. Then came the baby carriage:

We have taken so many walks and so many trips since this little munchkin was born and boy is she fan of motion. We got the uppababy cruz when Sophia was born but I think we have already used it more in the last 4 months than in the 3 years with Sophia! Granted we live in a very walkable city and she was born in the summer and we got a little attachment for Sophia to stand on while we walked around town. Uppababy for the win. We also got the Mesa car seat that clips right on to the stroller base and that has been A+.


4. Domo Arigado Mr Iphono (Apps):

Yes I love that I can look things up as soon as I think of them, especially in the wee hours of the morning when baby girl won’t sleep and I’m on my nth hour of sleep deprivation. My search history is now all “how many ounces of milk does a 4 week old drink every 2 hours” etc. Well what’s even more helpful are some baby-centric mama apps. If nothing else but to remind me that other mamas struggle and that other babies who need a lot of work.

Top picks include: The Wonder weeks, Baby center, baby tracker, and sound sleeper. Also not a baby app but great for picture collages and comparisons are: pic stitch and pic collage


5. Swing low sweet chariot:

For my motion junkie baby, swings are bomb diggity. She has been a fan of three main ones:

4moms mamaroo, fisher price rock n play, and fisher price jungle swing. She usually lasts 30min at most, but that is 30min of rest for us and calm play for her.

The winner is Rock n Play:

But these are good too

There are some other amazing products but you know what, at this moment I am drawing a blank because both girls are asleep and my brain is on a small vacation.



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