Mommy brain is real y’all

I thought I was forgetful when I had Sophia and then started work…I was wrong..since I had Zoe I feel like my brain is taking a wistful vacation in a magical world where I had so many helpers. Long story short, I am so so forgetful and scatterbrain these days. Some examples you say?

  1. The second time in the last two weeks that I get to the dry cleaners, I pay for the clothes, grab Zoe in the car seat and walk out..EMPTY HANDED..meanwhile someone is yelling ma’am the shirts, your least I got the baby
  2. Every time we take Sophia to school..we make it to the elevator and have to go back for some forgotten yellow pup (apparently stuffed toys are meltdown type of necessary)
  3. This Wednesday I made it to the pediatricians office 15 whole minutes early..except Zoe’s 4 month appointment is not till next week
  4. I had to stand in line at the cashier at least twice every shopping trip cos I had forgotten an item from a list I HAD WRITTEN is that even…
  5. Let us not even count how many coffees I have had to re-heat at home because I forgot to finish drinking it while working around the house.
  6. Today was the first day Sophia managed to take something for share day that was not already in the car or in my purse (hehehehe oops)

Good thing my head is attached to my body 🙂

Ah who needs a brain anyway
Looking collected

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