Zleep: Zoe’s sleep

So I feel so sleep deprived I no longer have track of dates, days, or times of events or activities. This is currently a problem because we are trying to train Zoe to sleep better but I did not write down when we started or when she has been waking up.

Hubs: Did you sleep better

me: I woke up a few times..I think at 12, 2, wait 2:30, 3..wait was that 3:15, I think she slept till 4. I just don’t know if I slept or woke up.

So you get the gist…I have no frikin clue except she woke up at least 3-4 times every night the last week (or so). She also does a crap job of sleeping from 2 to 5 every night..then I started sneaking her to our bed so I could sleep till big sister (rudely) wakes us up by 7ish…so yeah.

Anyway today, today I am writing down the things. It is currently 2:06 am and baby girl cried and fussed for an hour because I wouldn’t nurse her 2 hours after I had just nursed her at 11pm. I couldn’t sleep from her crying so I decided to work/write..she promptly fell asleep 3 words into my typing the title of this post…sigh. I shall finish writing this bloody post.

So it looks like for tomorrow I am getting rid of the pacifier during bedtime. I am also making sure I nurse at least 30min before bedtime. It took her 20min of crying to fall asleep at bedtime (7pm) but then she woke up at 11 then again at 1…no bueno. I went back to reading about sleep training and this excerpt from precious little sleep made me holler its so funny:

“Let’s say your boobs were chocolate caramel cupcakes. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice chocolate caramel cupcake? Your weaning plan involves trying to convince your boob baby to eat less cupcake. So they get pretty cross with you: “Gimme my full-sized cupcake, woman! It’s not that they’re starving; it’s not that they don’t know how to sleep without a mouth full of cupcake- it’s just that the cupcakes are fantastic and they adore those cupcakes.”

This made my night. I need to sleep now cos I plan to nurse her and cuddle that sweet baby as soon as she wakes up again. I am sorry Zoe for letting you cry but after 5 months of not sleeping, it’s time I helped you learn the magic of 6 or more continuous hours of sleep. Prayers are welcome during this jolly festive event.


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