My spirited little girl

It’s been an adventurous and challenging 7.5 months with baby Zoe but she has maintained her residence in the family by being super cute..kidding..but sometimes not really…

1. Always smiling with her tongue sticking out

2. Giving super awesome baby hugs..I don’t know that many babies give a bear type hug but this baby sure does

3. Snuggle monster..those snuggles make the night time waking and crying tolerable

4. She smells so frikin good..except when she stinks then I give her a bath and she smells delicious again

5. Bath time the phrase implies it is so cute and I can’t wait for bath time just to see how cute she is in the water

6. Her squeals and leg kicks when she sees her big sister after being away for any period of time

7. Her undeniable love of the outdoors..truly a NW baby

8. How she already poses for photos (that tongue..I die)

9. How she lights up when she sees her mom walk in the room

10. Her fomo that started way too early…she refuses to wait to grow up

11. That she is a woo girl

12. Those chubby cheeks

Ok so this list is endless and I love this baby girl to pieces


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