Catching up with this mama

It has been too long. I feel like I was in a well, with a small bucket to bail myself out. There is this pesky little leaky pipe that is keeping me so busy. I hate saying the word ‘busy’ especially since I could not see any real outcome or as bosses used to tell me ‘deliverables’. My babies got bigger. They are such sweet humans already and I can’t wait to see them every moment they leave my sight. Ugh this year has been full of emotions and I am hoping it is calmer here on out. Zen…

We bought a house! I mean just that was wow. Only 1 mile from the apartment we rented but I tell was work!

We celebrated Zoe’s first birthday 1 day after we moved (craaaaazy)…in the new house hahaha.

We went to Montreal 6 days after we moved (don’t even try to ask if we are sane). And here I am, two weeks after coming back from the trip, I am done my summer teaching,

I have my feet up and I can finally write and share my life. Where do I even begin…


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