Change of seasons is good reasons to change

See what I just did there…pats myself on the back! It didn’t even take me that long to write it today. I think I am just motivated to write something down before plopping down in bed to get a few hours. Things were tough, crazy, fun and just life changing this summer and I am ready to experience some consistent situations and find that elusive balance. We are still settling in to the house but in spite of our summer travels, I do feel like we are settling in our home just fine. It feels like home already and I have not hung up a single picture or painting yet. Soon…

I have been thinking about what are my hobbies, what are my skills, what is my identity. In the two seconds of free time. And you know what, I realized I am MOM, mommy, mama so loudly, so intensely, that Souraya is like way back with the cool kids in the last row of the auditorium sneaking a popcorn in their bags and sending text messages to each other, that is what I like to think right now. I do show up once in a while as just Souraya but more often I am exactly what I should be right now, mama to those two little cheeky sweet girls.

Today was a good day, I did so many productive house things, I also fed baby girl and myself all the meals and all were healthy. I managed to complete a workout and everything. But I did not unpack our bag from our last trip to Vancouver. I did not clean the floors like I had planned. I did not complete most of the mental to-do list I have going everyday.  But today was a good day and I accomplished many things. While I have a million thoughts and ideas to share, it is midnight and I should sleep before Zoe wakes up for one of her night feeds. But I do have a few thoughts I cannot help but share:

Here is to a new season of

  • Feeling content with the choices we make
  • Accomplishing more things
  • Raising strong, kind, happy girls
  • Feeling joy from small and little things
  • Sharing my days with two little girls and my hardworking handsome husband
  • Making meaningful connections and relationships
  • Remembering to be a good person and doing good things
  • Getting stronger
  • Feeling beautiful
  • Feeling calm
  • Getting some sleep

Goodnight my friends.



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