How this mama relaxes

I am always thinking and worrying about something…all day all night. Sometimes I lay in bed, knowing the time is passing by, I should be sleeping, but darn it I am thinking about what chores, clothes, toys, meals, cleaning, etc. So I need to start winding down earlier in the evening and the past few weeks I have been better about that.

Here are some ways that I have learned to calm the voices and de-stress, especially at night:

  1. Puzzle: 500 pieces seems to be a good groove right now. I can still chat with hubby, follow a tv show but actively de-stress. It took me a few nights to finish one of them and when I was done, I took a picture and then took it apart and gave it away. It served its purpose. One thing that would  make playing puzzle a little easier in a house full of inquisitive little hands is a felt square that you can put the pieces on and roll up when you need to put away.
  2. Cross stitch: I had been planning to start knitting or crochet at night but then a friend came over and brought me this cute cross stitching kit. Had the pattern, material, thread, needles all ready to go. And yes it works I am enjoying nights and spare moments immensely just trying to add to the creation. Can’t wait to finish this one and start a new one. I will chalk this up to useful de-stressing hobby,
  3. Bullet Journal: This has been a work in progress. Some days I spend enough time on it and I am so pleased with the results but then the house is messier or the laundry is not done so yeah. That one is going to be on a whim rather than daily updates lol. It is quite rewarding when I get the time to do it though.
  4. Laying down and checking my phone: Yes I have read the studies. Yes I understand it can be more harmful than helpful. I still enjoy it and indulge in it often and sometimes I come across fun videos that make me simultaneously laugh and cry that remind me I am not alone in this crazy often lonely but never alone motherhood journey.
  5. Working out: I am trying to work out more than 3 days a week but this is the easiest to drop when I have to pick up something else like family or home things. I should be better because from my list of things this is the healthiest and most rewarding long term hobby I could hone. This week I will try to do more.


A mom.


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