Picture of me

I find many things amusing so what better way to document it (and perhaps look back one day at my work and cringe). I am trying to use my training in education, my inclination for data analysis, and love for puns and bad jokes to document how much fun life is with Sophia and Zahi.

I have done some moving around in my life. I shall preface this by saying my parents left Lebanon before I was born. We lived in various cities in Nigeria. Then in my teens, we moved to British Columbia , Canada (known to most as the collective ‘Vancouver’). I went to Lebanon in 2007 to ‘discover my roots’ and ended up working, living, and partying till I left in 2010 but not before I snagged myself a pretty awesome guy. We spent 3 years in Atlanta, GA for his residency and I completed my PhD in Educational Psychology and Special Education at Georgia State University. Now we live in Houston, TX, where he is completing a fellowship in Oncology at MD Anderson and I got myself a grown-up job as a research scientist at the University of Houston-Downtown. You have numbers? I have answers about education.

In between the move from Atlanta to Houston, we got ourselves a mini. Sophia is an almost-valentine baby (February 13) and she is a hoot and a holler (seriously, we don’t need a baby monitor to hear her in distress…to put it delicately, her voice generously ‘carries’). We want our toddler to be safe and learn all the things, but we are in no way ‘expert’ parents. We are probably more often doing it all wrong, but she seems to like us and we all have a laugh about our wins and fails at the end of the day.

My parents and siblings live in BC and my in-laws are in Lebanon, so naturally you will be hearing a lot about those places, in addition to our local debauchery here in Texas.

I fail at being serious so often, but I do care so much about avoiding typos. Amateur blogger at your service.

Here it goes…



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