Date night to make up for a rough few weeks

I won’t linger on the tough week. Instead I will focus on the fun night I had with Zahi on Friday.

Got all dressed up 
And we tried a new place. 

Davenport is shady but fun. 

Lounge with an impressive bar. 

Delicious martinis 

White chocolate martini with a chocolate straw mmmm  


Pretending a salad for lunch will be enough

That moment when your salad looks too pretty to eat and not enough to be called lunch.

Power green mix (spring, lettuce, kale), tomatoes, avocado, alfalfa, and mushroom. And tahini based salad dressing.

And then I realized but I’m going out to lunch with coworkers. I guess I’m having salad for breakfast! 


Night out

We have such a great babysitter so most Saturday nights, we like to go out at night..gasp! 

This night found us first at ‘Under the Volcano’. 

Great patio, good drinks, and pretty good customer service. 

I always forget to take photos, when we do it usually has been a selfie…this time I got our waitress to take a ‘classic’ date photo and I’m pretty glad I did. 

Afterwards my slick date took us to cloud 10 but the words ice cream and take a photo do not seem to go together for me.

Anyway go to cloud 10 creamery in rice village, it has delicious treats. Send me pics 🙂

‘Lebanese Kibbeh’ or as I like to call it ‘meat stuffed with meat’

If you are vegetarian or vegan, just stop reading. Walk away, don’t look back, because this meal is all meat! Kibbeh in Lebanon is eaten raw, baked, or fried. It also includes beef or lamb. Personally I prefer beef over lamb, but go ahead ‘whatever floats your goat’ (badum tshhhh) sorry for the bad joke (but not sorry). I made two versions this weekend, the baked and the fried but I am featuring the baked today. Add yogurt and enjoy…I know we did 🙂
Many many thanks to mama Mansour for putting up with my constant phonecalls and texts asking about ‘well what do you mean by a pinch’ and ‘would you consider a handful of bulgur a cup or 3/4 cup’.

Serves: 6-8 healthy eaters
Cooking and Prep: 2 hours
Actual baking time: 35-40min

Sorry I didn't time how long this took. Also I was distracted with a toddler and taking pictures
Sorry I didn’t time how long this took. Also I was distracted with a toddler and taking pictures

(Click on image to maximize)

The process
The process

As for the spices, well I have a mix from Lebanon called ‘Da’et kibbeh’ which literally means ‘kibbeh knocked/beaten’ yeah it is probably better not to translate. Anyway my intel tell me these are the spices used in the mix: cinnamon, white pepper powder, black pepper, mint, basil, and marjoram. Feel free to share your spice thoughts.