Hipster baby 

She calls herself Sosie  


A list for the new year 

Plans for 2016:

Be as cool as my kid

Stay goofy and silly, because life has been too serious, busy, and ‘planny’

Have more slide and park days

Things I need to continue from 2015

  • Keep doing the fast metabolism diet and keep training
  • Stay organized and complete more projects at work
  • Cook more yummy and healthy things..need more recipes
  • Run another obstacle race (spartan race anyone?)
  • Keep my potted plants alive
  • Stay distracted but never too busy, going to enjoy every moment

Mighty girls wear tutus too

Baby girl has had equal amounts of boy and girl clothes since she was born. I didn’t want her to think she had only one style option.


Well recently, she seems to gravitate towards frilly dresses and tutus. I am just pleased she will soon choose her own fun outfit combinations.
I put her in this giant pink tutu and she now demands to wear it whenever she lays her eyes on it. She wears it
On pajamas
With a trucker hat
In a doggy crate
She was also pleased with the blue tutu
But never fear, superman is always near, just hiding under a table till the day needs to be saved