Lumberzack the instagram bro

We took a short trip to visit the family in the great North. Well not too far North, only the beautifulest of British Columbia.

Oh hey Vancouver.

While there, we saw that my mom’s fence (which was already falling apart) had fallen down. Not to worry, Zahi was feeling particularly Canadian now that he is officially so. He took an axe and a hoe and went to work.

 All he is missing is a plaid shirt, a beanie, a beard, and duck boots and lumberzack would make the best

Lumberzack and his mini their natural I need better photography skills


Instagram Bro

My brother-in-law manages one of the most popular blogs in Lebanon blogbaladi. He got invited to cover LG at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Since Vegas trips are quite cheap and easy from Houston, my husband Zahi joined his brother for a total bro-out trip. Well, so he thought. Reality is, his brother @lenajib needed to actually work quite a bit during the trip as part of the blogging expectations. Today it seems the boys decided to do more sightseeing, or so my husband thought:

 And no my husband is not getting me those Crown Jewels..

Bro prepares to start sightseeing with camera

 Started off okay…  Things are getting a little obnoxious      Zahi might be reaching a point…

Bro was too busy writing posts so Zahi had to drink lonely alone…

Bros Viva Las Vegas…with instagram bro

Night out

We have such a great babysitter so most Saturday nights, we like to go out at night..gasp! 

This night found us first at ‘Under the Volcano’. 

Great patio, good drinks, and pretty good customer service. 

I always forget to take photos, when we do it usually has been a selfie…this time I got our waitress to take a ‘classic’ date photo and I’m pretty glad I did. 

Afterwards my slick date took us to cloud 10 but the words ice cream and take a photo do not seem to go together for me.

Anyway go to cloud 10 creamery in rice village, it has delicious treats. Send me pics 🙂

Yes, west Canada has a valley..and it is spectacular 

British Columbia is certainly a beautiful place…and it is magical in the summer. This year Zahi and I had a chance to summer here and sneak a short trip to the Okanogan Valley baby free with a sweet sister who is a self proclaimed third wheel aka wheelie.

First step…leave babies behind and hope for sun

Second step soak in the glamorous view of West Kelowna and totally make plans to move there someday 

Stop for lunch and a little bit of wine at some ‘little shacks’


 Then to East Kelowna to a pretty cool distillery with the worst drunken cherries I have ever tasted 

And the best non-drunk drunk-acting face around town


Frou frou breakfast and then ready to reunite with baby girl   

See you soon Okanogan…we shall be back 


When parents take a short break 

Visiting family is always fun but the extra fun perk is being able to do adult things without paying a baby tax (babysitter fees).

Perhaps we went on a date night 

Perhaps we visited a winery or two

Perhaps we went on a short road trip 

And came home so ready for some ‘wheels on the bus’ for the umpteenth time. 

I never thought I would know that many kids songs…or that I would sing them on our adult only road trip to the valley…face palm

Little Houston hillbilly farmer

You know the weekend is going to be great when baby girl sleeps in (and hence we all sleep in) till 8am! Good job kid keep it up.

To reward good behavior we took her to a blueberry farm. We went to Chmielewski farm. It had everything we were looking for, reviews show it is slightly pricier than some other farms, but honestly this was closer and we were not disappointed with the services. In fact, it was well organized and great for the amateur blueberry picking toddler.
Who knows she may need berry picking skills in the future. What if
Armed with sunscreen, bugspray, token overalls, hat, water shoes, her own pail..we found chmielewski blueberry farms.
Our little farmer is ready for the elements
Look at that form! Look at those skills, you are a natural
Surprisingly she hardly ate her we concluded our outing with some chocolate croissant (un-farmerly behavior..tsk tsk).




Boulder is such a funny name for a city

Funny name but awesome place! Instead of a taxi we took a bus for $5 from Denver to Boulder Sunday morning! Best decision ever! They happened to be holding a creek festival with so many fun things happening.

Naturally, I had to get my eyebrows threaded at the festival..I dub myself queen of odd things in random places. Hey my eyebrows looked so nice after so mission accomplished. Baby girl decided to start her nap a few minutes before we arrived to Boulder so she continued her nap in her stroller. Side note McClaren umbrella stroller with rain guard was best toddler purchase!
She napped and stayed dry in it the entire trip.
Then we headed out to the outdoor mall. Boy did we walk up and down those streets a few times. What a family-friendly city. So many fun shops, street performers, kid play areas, and awesome eating options. All the restaurants were kid menu, soybean crayons (man do they think of everything), and sippy cups..happy baby=happy parents.
It rained and stormed sporadically but guess what..we had rain jackets and umbrellas and we ducked into a store or eatery till it subsided and out came the sun for us to continue our rambles.
Here are some places we enjoyed and that I remembered:
Library by the creek
Mountain sun
Sforno trattoria romana
The laughing goat
West Flanders
Lazy dog
Of course Sophia had to stop by the Boulser Book store on pearl street because she felt behind on her reading.
And then grab an ice cream but only heaven knows what the name of that place is now..mommy brain!
All I know is we had a blast in Boulder and I would visit again and again 🙂